Could mixing furniture with different ranges become the new thing?


If there’s one thing about design trends, it’s the inability to remain stagnant. We are now experiencing a move away from the traditional setting of room furniture into a more outspoken trend – furniture mixing. And really, not many people have jumped on this wagon but there are some people out there who are willing to trend something new.

There are different ways you can make use of your interior space. You can combine furniture with different elements and styles. If you’ve never done this before, it could be quite overwhelming. So, here are few tips to help you get started on your furniture mixing adventure:

Select a Theme

Envision a unique theme that you would like to recreate in your own space. Having a visual point of reference will also help you stay on track. With a unique theme, you can easily narrow-down on what kinds of furniture would work and which isn’t right. The set of furniture fit for a dramatic professor’s library theme would definitely be different from those needed to achieve a Star War theme.

Pick a color scheme

Even if you feature a wide range of style, from vintage to modern, a defined color palette would bring it all together. You can imbibe a monochrome color scheme with a touch of green, or something more dashing.

Contemporary Artwork

Introducing contemporary artwork in a modern, classy room can create a clash between both styles. Don’t worry, it’s the good kind of clash.

Watch your scale

Strive to achieve balance with the varying proportion and comparative sizes of the objects in your space. One of the best ways to achieve a beautiful interior design is to understand how to make the most of the object scales.

Do you have any exciting tips? Share them with us in the comment section.

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