Introducing Parquet Style Furniture in a Modern Home


The grand style of parquet flooring was perfected in the 16th century at the Palace of Versailles, France. It has since then been associated with prestige and interior cachet. It was a popular trend in the 20th century, till date, it still enjoys a similar level of trendy demand.

The use of woods with various colors and grains to form a classic pattern simply evokes a powerful sense of nature and history. Coupled with the right color palette and accessories, you can achieve a dramatic contrast and enthused sophistication.

Enjoy the beauty of nature at its best with carefully crafted timber wood. Classy, elegant and durable, the parquet flooring is simply a game changer.

Here are few d├ęcor inspiration for the parquet flooring:

Single Flooring

Create a sense of flow with a single flooring pattern. Consistency creates beauty in design and a consistent flooring style would add some character to your large spaces and rooms.

Go Dark!

Once you go dark, you would never go back! Dark color schemes with dark shade parquet flooring coupled with bold color furniture and moody color walls can add a warm feel to your space.

Pale and Gray

You can style your interior with gray shade flooring complemented by pale color scheme accessories and furniture. Adding some wooden furniture to the mix is not a bad idea.

Clear the Space

Parquet flooring can be best appreciated in a room where the furniture is not the focal point. Basically, it works better where the room is arranged with a minimal style. So, you might want to avoid a busy look.

Play with Contrast

A dark parquet floor can achieve a striking contrast effect when used against bright white walls. These styles are best fit for larger rooms, lounges, and hallways.

Parquet flooring has always been associated with luxury. What do you like about this elegant style of flooring?

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