Colors to match with brown leather sofas


The brown leather sofa ranks high among popular furniture pieces in Australia. It is available in an array of styles and designs, and you can get it at a very cheap price. But as popular and versatile as it is, it creates loads of dilemmas for house owners. Many times, people are unsure what colors to match with it to give their home a facelift. And in some extremely rare cases, they give up on home décor totally.

Not to worry. We’ve got a collection of colors you can match gorgeously with brown leather sofas. Check them out.

White and Navy colors


In some way, this color coordination feels ‘beach house’. You can complement your brown furniture with white walls, funky patterns, and a lot of other natural elements. They would keep your space from appearing too flat or so much like a showroom.

Brown and gold colors

If care is not taken, this color scheme can suddenly morph into a crappy reinterpretation of the ‘70s. But when you execute properly and match with a huge sense of creativity, you can make a magic from brown and gold colors—a good way to draw inspiration is to look into Klimt artwork and designs of Asians.

These colors look perfect in rooms with more natural lights, and they can be balanced with a foot of off-white.

Black, brown and off-white colors

Here’s another color combination to turn your brown leather sofas into the cynosure of all eyes. It is basically sharp and masculine. With black, brown and off-white colors, you can add life to both dark rooms and brightly lit ones. Though you may need some extra lighting for extremely dark rooms.

For these colors to match perfectly, you must pay attention to incorporating patterns and textures.

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