Going “sofaless”: setting up the living room without a sofa

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Weird right?

I know, but it’s true, you can absolutely set up your living room without a sofa. I know the sofa is a place to bond, snug, and watch TV together with your family, but what happens when you don’t have a sofa? Where will your guest seat and be entertained?

You might not even need a sofa for quite a number of reasons like having a small living room, or just wanting to go out of the norm by ignoring the sofa. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; here are few ways to set up your living room without a sofa.

Use window seats

Wouldn’t you like to see what goes on in the outside world from your living room? Well window seats can give you that luxury. This comfortable built-in seating arrangement can replace the sofa in a home. It can be built with cabinets which can serve the storage purpose.

Use floor cushion

Floor cushions are effective seating arrangement. They are available in different colors and patterns, and also perfect for a small living room. If you have a boho room décor, these cushions can enhance that boho feel.

Use daybeds

Trust me; these are as comfortable as sofas. The only difference is that they don’t occupy so much space like the sofa. They come in different colors and fabrics ranging from velvet, leather and more with wood or metal frame. If you’re a lover of colorful throw pillows, the daybed can also be decorated with them. They are specifically designed to give you a comfy feeling. They can serve the relaxation purpose during the day, and also be useful when you have guest sleeping over at night.

Bean bags

I know you’re thinking of the ugly and saggy bean bag right? But think again. I’m talking about the stylish and chic ones. They come in different materials, patterns, and designs. Bean bag chairs can take the place of the sofa in the home. They are light weighted and very easy to move around, and with their lovely variety of colors, you can liven up your home.

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